Our diverse range for all needs - from containment, CIP and filling machines to process equipment.

In addition to our high-quality and individually adaptable containment packaging, we offer one-stop solutions for process and filling machines. Find out more about our product portfolio!

Sustainability through containment.

Containment packaging has been our speciality since the turn of the millennium. Regardless of the manufacturer of your filling system, whether horizontally compressed or vertically folded, antistatic or dissipative, we assemble the containment packaging individually tailored to your requirements. For this purpose, we determine all relevant criteria in a joint discussion and show you all possible options.

Efficiency in the smallest of spaces.

We have been cleaning bioreactors and containers in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries for over 15 years. Fixed, rotating nozzles take care of cleaning the inside of the container. With a high level of radiance, self-cleaning properties and dead space-free cleaning (360 °), this product series has established itself on the market. Our cleaning nozzles deliver replicable results which can be used in validation combined with a high level of reliability and durability.

Diversity thanks to strong partnerships.

In the field of liquid and powder filling systems, we are sales partners of Feige Filling GmbH and Novindustra AG. The focus of Feige Filling GmbH is on the filling of liquid to pasty products in drums, containers or IBCs. Novindustra AG, on the other hand, specialises in low-dust or dust-free filling and emptying of bulk goods where special sacks or big bags are used.

Valves for the highest demands.

We support Andocksysteme G. Untch GmbH as a regional sales representative for containment interfaces and system-accompanying components. Andocksysteme (German for “docking systems”) manufactures products for both single-use and multi-use applications. The product portfolio ranges from flange connections and modern fittings to segmented ball valves.

Process Solutions & Process Equipment

For the field of process engineering apparatus we support the colleagues of 3V TECH S.p.a. as a regional sales representative in NRW. 3V Tech manufactures process engineering equipment. For example, Nutsche dryer, thin-film evaporator, paddle dryer and more.

The portfolio ranges from the small apparatus to the complete production plant.

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„Wer suchet, der findet."

"He who seeks finds."

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The containment liner division of IDF GmbH & Co. KG now belongs to RHEIN-PLAST GmbH / Ringmetall AG.