Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our Responsibility.

At IDF, sustainability and CSR are more than just buzzwords.

Sustainability is part of our DNA. It is not only important for us to emphasise the environmental friendliness of our products, we strive to operate in an economically, ecologically, and socially responsible manner in all areas of our company. From climate-neutral production to satisfied employees, we have achieved a lot including:

self-sufficient power supply from the use of renewable energies
reduced power consumption through an automated building management system
less power consumed thanks to the latest energy-efficient heating technology
reduction in power consumption from the lighting systems thanks to modern LED technology
1432 L
Water saved per year by avoiding paper as much as possible


Sustainable quality management through certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015

employee satisfaction thanks to strong involvement and a wide range of training courses
60 years
Of an owner-managed company with a strong connection to the region in the heart of the Ruhr area


CSR means more than just ecological sustainability to IDF.

The abundance of implemented CSR measures reflects the high value we place on sustainability in all its facets. IDF wants to take on social, economic and ecological responsibility. After all, only sustainable businesses are successful businesses.

We are carrying out the following:

Self-sufficient energy generation

Using photovoltaics and solar thermal energy, IDF GmbH & Co. KG produces electricity and heating energy for almost all its own needs making us self-sufficient and environmentally friendly.

Environmentally friendly products

Our modern containment solutions are much more environmentally friendly than multi-use systems. They use 95% less water and have a 35% lower impact on global warming.

Paperless office

Avoiding paper as much as possible and environmentally conscious disposal saves around 1,400 litres of water a year.

Strong employee focus

We ensure a high level of employee satisfaction with a wide range of training courses, long-term support for old-age provision, and maintain a strong involvement in our staff.

Innovative building strategy

A state-of-the-art and automated building management system has been implemented at our headquarters, which reduces energy consumption by around 30%.

Energy-saving equipment

The use of modern heating systems saves around 78% of electricity every year, and the use of modern LED lighting throughout the entire building is 90% more energy-efficient than conventional light bulbs.

High regional focus.

Our region plays a major role, especially in our supplier selection, to support the region’s sustainable economic growth and short delivery routes.

Certified quality assurance

Our processes are certified according to the ISO standard DIN EN 9001: 2015, which ensures standardised and efficient work.

„Wer suchet, der findet."

"He who seeks finds."

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The containment liner division of IDF GmbH & Co. KG now belongs to RHEIN-PLAST GmbH / Ringmetall AG.